Tuesday, September 9, 2008

There's More

So, the absence from blogging was unexpected. In a surprising fit of spontaneity, Phoebe and I hopped out of town for a few days. And then I did this really wonderful spiraling-into-despair thing that really delighted all those around me, let me tell you. More on this later. But I feel like I had to break the blogging "break" with a sweet picture, first.

We bid farewell to our dear friends, the Jordans, last night... God has led them back home to Virginia, and although we can't stand to see them go, we're excited about an excuse to go visit them in Virginia Beach! I think Phoebe will miss little Caedmon almost as much as we miss Dan and Kimberly!

More to come, after I've finished this cup of coffee and my trip to Costco.

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The Pink Potpourri said...

awe, that's such a sweet picture!