Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

Although this isn't the prettiest of pictures, I thought it was fabulous how I managed to capture Phoebe in her "waking up" state. First thing she does? Grab that foot. So cute!

At first, I thought that she was starting to really settle into a good nap pattern -- these past few days, she's really taken long, substantial, hard-to-wake-her-up naps. Like the book says she should. (Phoebs has always slept great at night, just not so much during the day.) And then yesterday, her glassy eyes and hot head prompted a temperature-taking. Little angel was running a fever! She's got some yucky viral thing, but it doesn't seem to bother her much other than just making her feel really run down. She's already napped 2 hours this morning... and we're praising the Lord that, at least at 9:00, her temperature was only 99.1! (Which, according to the doctor, isn't really a fever?)

Pray that our little house stays sickness free and that Phoebs gets over her yucky quickly. I'm feeling extra-tired, but I think it may just be a busy week of "recovering" from vacation.

Okay, I think the kitchen floors are finally dry! I'm off to replace rugs and get more laundry going! :) Happy Saturday!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Picture of the Day

Our little "love slug"... she's turning into a regular drool factory. And she loves to blow bubbles with the drool. Sometime last week, she figured out how to blow raspberries, and she's been doing it ever since! It makes a mess, but it's pretty darn cute.

Otherwise, not much to say around these parts. Life is good. Is it Thursday already? The sounds of the dryer and dishwasher are evidence of a good week I suppose.

Off to mop...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Michael has gotten pretty talented at rigging up "dangling" things of interest for Phoebs while we prepare dinner. Last night, he decided to string together about 9 links, and then attach her keys to the bottom of it. They dangled tantalizingly above her face. Girlfriend was focused and played with these keys for upwards of an hour! She was so determined to "get them"! I love the look of determination on her face in this picture... and this was after about forty-five minutes!

We're convinced she's a genius. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sleeping In

So, one of the things we looked forward to doing while we were at the Shoals was sleeping in. As in, as late as we wanted. Without an alarm clock. Without disruption. And we did! We slept like, until 8:15 every day! It was marvelous. Except our sleep was not uninterrupted during the night.

No, Phoebe didn't join us on our journey. Nor did Jake, who will occasionally awaken during the night to warn of some bird or noise outside. But at 1:25 am on Sunday morning (that's late, late Saturday night) we were awakened by "EMERGENCY. EMERGENCY. PLEASE EVACUATE." No, it wasn't a dream. We actually had to evacuate! I am, of course, flipping out. I'm ready to run out in my pajamas, shoeless, without a room key. Thankfully, Michael had his wits and got us out in one piece. [Just another of the reasons that I love you, honey!]

Well, we race down five flights of stairs along with the rest of the hotel guests, most of whom are actually wearing swimsuits. (I think those were probably the first available articles of clothing? Or maybe they thought they'd be safer from fire if they could dive into the pool easier?) Since everyone has calmly congregated in the lobby, we could only assume that our lives were not in immediate danger. After about 15 minutes of "EMERGENCY..." we were told we could go back to our rooms. The alarm had inexplicably gone off.

Now, Michael has photographic evidence of the fact that we were brutally awakened at 1:something am, but I've chosen not to include that here. Trust me, you should thank me.

The next night, we were also awakened from slumber. Our neighbors were a little more... jubilant. The tweenagers next door were squealing and giggling quite loudly, so Michael became mean-old-man and told them to pipe down or he'd go tell their parents, who were in the room on the other side of us. Well, it probably wouldn't have worked anyway, because the parents (or some other grown-ups) were wildly enjoying themselves into the wee hours and actually woke us up. We were those guys... we called the front desk.

Thank goodness we got to sleep in! And the naps weren't too shabby either.

Come Sail Away

There is nothing like getting away with the one you love the best! I know that Michael has already posted this picture on his blog, but I totally don't care. It pretty much sums up our weekend -- sunny, cuddly, and a whole lot of fun! We literally did nothing but lay by the pool. Which is why we both have a bit of a sunburn, but that's ok! Michael even conned me into doing the waterslide with all of the eight year olds, and it was actually fun. I'm clearly not old yet!

It's hard to believe we've only really been married two years. It feels like a lifetime ago, but in a totally good way. I feel like so much has changed in the past couple of years... well, okay. Everything changes when you get married and have a baby. But you know what I mean! Anyway, in spite of a nearly-foiled weekend on the monetary front (how can two adults both not bring along money?), the Lord gave us a beautiful time of reconnecting and refreshment. Still, we missed our little peanut like crazy! [She did fabulously for her Mops and Pops, by the way.]

Now Phoebe has a new hobby: trying to sleep on her tummy. Right now, she's unsure which she prefers: tummy, side, or back. So she's having a hard time getting settled down for her nap. Oh well! We're going to spend the day getting back in the swing of things... laundry, grocery store, some cooking... daily life is calling! Have a blessed Tuesday!

Friday, July 20, 2007


Time is limited, with it being naptime and all, but I just couldn't stand to not blog before heading out of town! Since beginning her cereal, Phoebe has begun to nap really well... but I'm not holding my breath today, since I of course have a lot to get done!

Michael and I are heading out of town tonight. We'll spend the nightwith Mops and Pops, and then get away for a few days at a favorite local "resort". (Phoebe will stay the weekend with her grandparents.) The hotel is beautiful, the pool is to die for, and on weekends they have live music and the best cheeseburgers I've ever had. We plan to do absolutely nothing in honor of our anniversary. We're
totally amped up about it. But I'd hate to disappoint our loyal readers by not updating the picture, so here you go!

Phoebe has turned into a total camera flirt. She is hamming it up pretty much as soon as she sees the camera come out. Yesterday she bounced and bounced in her bouncy seat the entire time I tried to take pictures. It's a miracle I had a single one that wasn't blurry or out of focus! Doesn't she look angelic?

Ok, off to pack!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

From Milk to Solid Food

Well, we knew it was coming... but so soon! After Phoebe's four month visit to the pediatrician, it was recommended that she start solid foods! Now, I use the word "solid" very loosely -- the rice cereal that she eats is more soupy than grits -- but she can now eat it twice a day! We weren't sure how she would react, but she seemed to like it! We're not sure how much she actually ate since she wore most of it, but we were proud of her efforts. You can see more of the whole event here.

For all those who are keeping up with Phoebe's rapid growth (Mom), she weighed 12 pounds, 5.5 ounces (50%ile), 24.5 inches long (50%ile). She has exactly doubled her weight since birth!

In other news, I just returned home from a girls' beach trip to Destin. My friend Kimberly's boss has a condo (or several) that he owns down there, and he allowed eight twenty-and-thirty-somethings to invade one of them over the weekend. Yikes! It was nice to get away for the weekend, and it was my first time away from Phoebe for longer than a couple of hours. Michael had told me that he and Phoebe would work on my anniversary surprise while I was away. [Since we're going "away" for our anniversary this weekend, we agreed that our gifts had to be homemade.] I had, incorrectly, guessed that Michael would plant a garden while I was away since he wanted me to "enjoy it" before our actual anniversary. Well, I was wrong! For a long time, we've talked about how nice it would be to have hardwood floors and how badly we needed to replace our carpet... well, Michael endeavored to replace our floors! He did a BEAUTIFUL job, and I absolutely love the floors. It's so fun being married to a talented DIY-er. Unfortunately for Michael, he really is getting a homemade anniversary gift... sorry honey! I love you!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Four Month-Day

It's hard to believe that four months with our little Phoebe Kate have come and gone! I was at the beach while her four month-day arrived, so we chose to celebrate today! Although we're a couple of days late, I don't think Phoebe minded -- she still got her strawberry mini cake. (This was the first month-day she was actually interested in what we had in front of her, too, although you can't tell from the picture.) Michael even put the tiniest little taste of frosting on her lips, even though I vehemently objected.

Phoebe has a slew of new hobbies, now that she is four months old. These hobbies include: sleeping on her side, eating a lot at each meal, holding her head up nice and steady, "tigger bouncing" with Daddy, giggling, holding things with two hands, putting just about everything in her mouth, picking things up intentionally, following our voices, smiling/kicking/wiggling when she wakes up in her crib, flopping around in her pack and play, trying really hard to help mommy put in her paci, working on rolling from her tummy to her back... you name it! I think that her favorite hobby right now is growing. I doubt she's topped 13 pounds, but the sleeper she is pictured in is a six month sleeper -- and her little feet go all the way to the end! We go to the doctor tomorrow for her 4 month check up (and shots), so we'll know just how long this little peanut has gotten! I have to say, things have just gotten better and better with the Phoebs.

I have plenty more to blog about: hardwood floors (an anniversary surprise), the beach, and fun with Jake. But right now, a bite of strawberry cake and dirty bottles await! Happy Four Month Day, Phoebe Kate!
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Heading Out

I'm headed out first thing in the morning for a girl's trip to the beach... it'll be the first time away from this cutie pie for longer than a couple of hours. Yikes! I'm looking forward to a fun return to Michael, Phoebs, and Jaker...

See you again Sunday!

(By the way, I am the one who took this picture, not Michael for once!)


At a local stationery/things-you-think-
you-need-for-your-home store, they sell these shirts...actually, it's a whole line of swag with "Zombymom" emblazoned across it. (Don't believe me? Seriously.) Anyway, I always thought it was a bit ridiculous, because let's face it, motherhood when you stay at home is ten times easier than working and being a mom, right?

HA. It's 4:30 am. That's right. My baby has been sleeping through the night for a month and a half (two and a half months if you count the off-and-on stuff that she started with). I've been accustomed to a minimum of eight consecutive hours of uninterrupted sleep just about every night. I feel human! A delight to be around! And now, since Sunday, Phoebe has woken up at least once in the night. Tonight we're on round two. (Round one was at 1:45).

This would probably be easier if I'd feed her or rock her. But I know she isn't hungry, because she's been eating great during the day. And I know that she can put herself to sleep if she just gets a chance to. (This makes me sound like such a mean mommy, blogging instead of comforting.) So here I am, waiting it out. This keeps me from going in there every 30 seconds to pat her or give her a paci or...whatever.

She's not really crying, just grunting and frustrated. After four months (!) she still hasn't found her thumb (not that I want her to at this point) and gets mad when she can't really "suck" on her other fingers that taste oh-so-good during daylight hours. Anyway, we wait. And although things are quiet in there at this moment (25 minutes later), I don't want to go to bed quite yet... honestly, I'd rather lose 10 extra minutes of sleep (I'm up anyway) than sleep 10 minutes and have to wake up again.

If you're asking yourself why I don't just stay in bed to begin with... well... seriously?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big and Sweet

Well, I was tagged by Rachel, my MASH/Calculus study buddy from high school (who is expecting her baby to arrive anyminutenow), to list 8 random things about myself. So after some hemming and hawing, I figure I might as well get to it.

1. We call Jake (pictured at left) our "Bigsweet" and Phoebe our "Littlesweet". After hearing an elderly gentleman call his wife lovely his "Bittersweet" at the grocery store one day, Michael and I often call each other that in a loving way. When future children come along, they'll probably be "Littlestsweet." We are truly amazed at how sweet Jake is with Phoebe... sometimes a little too big and sweet, lavishing many kisses.

2. I wear sunglasses more often as a headband than as actual sunglasses. They're so much more comfortable, and much better at holding my wispy hairbits out of my face.

3. When it rains, or it's gray and drizzly outside, I like to call it a "Seattle Day". This comes from growing up in Seattle, where most days are actually gray and drizzly. Funny thing is, when Michael and I were in Washington for our honeymoon, we didn't see a single drop of rain or a single gray sky.

4. My new favorite hobby is figuring out how to make Phoebe laugh... I think she's still figuring out how to giggle!

5. I am really, really terrible about forgetting laundry in the washer. Often I'll start a load before leaving the house, and then, well... it slips my mind. I've had to rewash plenty of laundry in my days as a married woman. I'm sure our water bill isn't thankful! At least the clothes get clean eventually.

6. Michael and I will have been married for two years in a couple of weeks. It's hard to believe how much has changed in two short years, and although I never would've predicted Phoebe in the equation, I can't imagine it any other way. (We'll be going on a small getaway to celebrate, and Mops and Pops will be keeping the baby!)

7. I love spicy foods. The spicier, the better! When I was pregnant, one of my few cravings was chicken wings. I would have eaten them daily... and near the end of my pregnancy when I was diabetic, I pretty much did. It's a miracle I didn't have terrible heartburn.

8. I wish I had planted a garden this year. The timing didn't work out with Phoebs's arrival, but I am really missing those homegrown tomatoes and unending supply of basil. Everything always tasted better from the garden! Next year, I hope to plant bell peppers and cucumbers, in addition to the crop we planted last year. Then, Phoebe can help me dig around!

and one more, because it goes with the picture: I read almost in obsessive spurts. I'll go through a book in two days, and then go a few weeks without reading one, and then repeat the cycle. I do not know how to read slowly. I can't stand do not know how the book will turn out! Maybe Phoebe will be the same way!

Monday, July 9, 2007

It's 4:30... we're trying to get from frustrated to this. Since I'm blogging, I think she's settled... I'd much rather find out that she's not from the computer than from my sleepyhead spot in bed.

I'm still so thankful this only happens about once a week!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

Ah, Sunday... the day of rest. However, when you have an infant in the house, you wake up at the same time as always. In fact, I wake up an hour earlier on Sunday so that I can get ready before having to tend to the little one. It is so wonderful to have a day designated for corporate worship...and for rest. Sometimes, though, I don't always allow myself the rest that I so desperately need. Busy, busy, busy around the house. Dishes to be washed, clothes to be folded, floors to be swept or vacuumed... those neverending chores always seem to creep into my Sundays. Well today, my sweet husband has helped me have a different kind of day.

When we came home from church, Michael took the baby and sent me to bed, where I napped for an hour and a half! (I was much better about napping when Phoebe actually slept more than she was awake.) Then, he continued to take "baby duty" and allowed me to scrapbook for an hour or so. Now she's napping, and I'm enjoying an afternoon in pj's. What a blessing it is to recharge batteries before another week.

It's really been a wonderful weekend... I made a pot of soup yesterday to freeze, and spent a great deal of time with a happy husband and baby. Although we unsuccessfully tried to change her schedule yesterday and she didn't get much napping in, she was a delight for her Nandy and Boompah as Michael and I went to a party for the Guzzos, a couple from church, and then went out for Ruby Tuesday appetizers with the Jordans. We've decided to return to our 2 1/2 hour schedule with 1 hour nap routine, and it's working swimmingly so far today.

Michael has now run out to get us a new microwave with gift card odds and ends, since ours bit the dust while trying to sterilize bottles yesterday...and since I promised to have a bathed and bedtime ready baby when he returned, I'd better hustle!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

For Aunt Fave

The little bean was helping her Daddy snap beans for the fourth... isn't she already a big helper?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Toys, Toys, Toys

I have never ever really been a spender. I love to save up for stuff, I think, but I never actually spend it on something fun. I have three Wal-Mart giftcards in my wallet, but I'm afraid of not spending them on the right thing. Seriously, I have money issues. It's not that I worry that there won't be enough, I just think I feel better the longer I hang onto it.

When it comes to big purchases, the phrase "Just Do It" comes to mind. I hem and haw and waffle back and forth and never do it, and then end up regretting not making the purchase. So when the state income tax refund check came in, I could think of about eighty million ways that we could spend it reasonably (new carpet, savings/investments to name a few). But we knew that the best way we could spend that money was on a camera. Michael has somehow managed to take some really beautiful pictures of Phoebe in her first three months, but most of them are grainy and lacking. I want to have gorgeous memories of all of our babies and our family, but I don't want to pay someone else to have them. So Michael found a great deal on a Nikon D70s (that's a digital cadillac, folks), and bought it that day

I was afraid I'd have major buyer's remorse, and thinking about the price tag, I really kind of did. But then the camera got here. And in the first 100 pictures taken, at least 40 were frameable, and they're the best 40 pictures we've ever taken. I'm so stinkin' excited!

Michael has the day off today, so he's spending his morning learning how to use this bad boy. He already knows several modes, the best light, the best focus, everything. I'm hoping for a workshop this afternoon! What a fun way to celebrate an Independence Day!

And speaking of the fourth, I truly do thank the Lord today for our freedom. What rich blessings we have as a country! In the midst of all of the bad news, we live in a remarkable place. I am so grateful for those who have sacrificed much for our independence. May God continue to bless America.