Friday, September 12, 2008

Recommended Listening - Elisabeth Elliot

As this pregnancy winds down, I'm trying to be very particular about protecting "down time" for myself in the afternoon while Phoebe naps. I'm trying to limit my "on the feet" chores to an hour, reminding myself that it is indeed okay to let the mopping wait another day or two. For the remainder of that time, I'm working on other chores -- folding laundry, paying bills, journaling, organizing -- or just taking some rest time with a magazine or a book.

Often during this time, I'll load up iTunes or Pandora for some uplifting music. Sometimes, though, I'll pull up a podcast or other teaching on the computer. Today, I chose some teaching.

In my Bible study this morning, I was really convicted about my attitude towards prayer. So as I began my dusting in the living room, I pulled up an Elisabeth Elliot mp3 on the topic.


By the end of it, I had stopped dusting, stopped folding laundry, and was just trying to absorb every little morsel from this teaching. I know that I'll be listening to it again, just so I can listen with focused attention. Ladies, if you'd like to hear some wonderful teaching on the topic of prayer, I would strongly encourage you to check out this great message.

You can click this link to go directly to the mp3: Elisabeth Elliot -- Prayer

This Elisabeth Elliot site is where I frequently go when I want to listen to some good, solid teaching. There are several talks available for download, listed by topic. I've always been encouraged and challenged by her teaching.

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Anonymous said...

oh, my precious daughter, how YOU encourage ME! I miss you so, and love you deeply...Father is faithful and true ALL the time.