Monday, September 22, 2008

Chaos Theory

Life has, for the past month, been rather chaotic. Since the middle of August, we've had a staph infection, hospitalization, sick Critters, bathroom demolition, a broken oven, a broken grill, and a hormonal, pregnant wife. I'm sure there's more; let's just say it's been quite the ride.

We decided to add to the chaos.

This, by the way, was planned before most of the other chaos started... just so you don't think we're off in the head (although we probably are). We are finally replacing the carpet in our remaining carpeted rooms. Today. We inherited some nasty carpet when we moved in, with stains that were not removed with professional cleaning. Since we've decided to hang out in this house as long as we can, we're replacing them for good.

Here are a few preliminary pictures:

The dining room...aka, the holding room

Guest Bedroom (before)

Guest Bedroom (in progress)

I'm already thrilled with it! More pictures to come, as this process continues. I'm amazed at hos fast everything's moving!


Carolynn said...

Looks great! I can't wait to see the finished product on Thursday!

Lauren said...

OK, I don't "get" your picture. It looks like you're taking a picture in the mirror...yet you aren't in the pic. How'd you do that? Secret spy mirrors?