Wednesday, September 24, 2008

37 Weeks

I had my weekly chat with Dr. D today downtown, and so far, everything's looking good!

Here are the vital statistics:
  • normal blood pressure, iron, and sugars
  • no weight gain this week; holding steady at 14 pounds
  • I have finally dilated to 1cm... glad those more painful contractions are doing something!
  • baby is still head down
I'll go back next week (October 1) for another check... it's hard to believe we're almost to the October benchmark! We are so thankful for another normal and complication-free pregnancy up to this point. I'm starting to get more uncomfortable, but knowing that this discomfort is time limited makes it a whole lot more manageable!

In other exciting Nora news, we can set up her room now that the new carpet is in! Michael is bringing his old crib home tonight, and I imagine we'll put that together sometime in the next week. Right now, the plan is to house her in the guest bedroom until she is sleeping through the night. Then, she'll make the move to Phoebe's room. We'll be having two cribs since there is no way Phoebe is ready for a big girl bed!

One way or another, ready or not... Nora's coming soon!


Lauren said...

Are the girls going to share a room? I think that's so wonderful! I'm so excited that Nora's coming soon. I'm watching your blog like a hawk! Happy Nesting!

The Sinks said...

Cheering for you these last few weeks! Hope they go by quickly, but that you're also able to savor the last precious moments you have with Phoebe (and Michael!). I'll be thinking and praying for you lots as I was literally just there!