Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not a Doctor's Update

Yes, it's true that Michael and Jake both have a doctor's appointment today. But this is not a doctor's update.

It's a sick day update.

Our Little caught some kind of yucky bug... probably while playing with those germy balls and legos at the doctor's office? (I am still not questioning my decision to allow it, by the way!) She spiked a fever at bedtime last night, and it shot up in the middle of the night. It broke around 3:30, but when she woke back up at 8:00 this morning... fever and vomitting were present.

So it's a sick day over here... and after the busyness of the past few days, I'm thankful that I was looking forward to a day at home. I imagine we'll have lots of cuddles, books, and PBS today... and of course, Lamby and our "nay-nay" have a free pass out of the crib.

And though I hate she's feeling yucky, is there anything sweeter than a sick, cuddly little girl?


Anonymous said...

OH MY DOLLIE...mommy's taking such good care of you, with help from Lamby and nay-nay, of course. Mops is thanking God for sweet cuddles and a day free from the "outside!" And my darling daughter, you and lovie rest along with baby kate...big, tender hugs to all thomases! and big, huge loves!

Carolynn said...

Ahhh...I'm so sorry. Fever is one thing, but vomiting, yuck. We pray that you feel better soon! Callahan still has a stuffy nose, but it's still clear. I'd like to think she's cutting some canines, but probably not. Love you!

The Pink Potpourri said...

poooor little thing :( being sick as a kid is never fun...except for the whole "cuddling and extra lovies" from mom :)

hope she feels better soon!