Saturday, September 20, 2008

So Much Better

Phoebe's fever broke yesterday afternoon, and since then she's been feeling progressively better. Her appetite is still small; I think we've probably dropped back below the twenty pound mark again! Her teeth are also causing her frustration right now, and interrupting her sleep both at naptime and at night. But how does Phoebe really feel?

So much better!

It also helps that Phoebe's favorite football team clobbered their opponents today! Roll Tide!


Anonymous said...

Dollie looks like a little pixie :-) and oh so precious with that big big smile! Praising the Lord for His healing! and asking Him to give all in the thomas household a good night's sleep! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

The Pink Potpourri said...

SO cute! what a blessing that she's feeling better. have a great week!

The Sinks said...

what a cute picture! Kathryn holds her sippy cups just like that, almost cradled in her arm as she tots around the house.