Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big Pretender

The other day I came in to get Phoebe from her nap, and she had some magnificent bed head. She sweetly agreed to hang out in her crib while I went to go get the camera. She was delighted to model her hair for me for the pictures.

And then she did this:
No, she's not ready to go back to bed. But she was playing at being sleepy. I'd ask her if she was ready to go night-night, and she nodded with a big grin before flopping herself down in the middle of nineteen different soft things.

Oh and, the bed hair? Totally didn't look as wild in pictures, but here it is:

For the record, my absolute favorite time with Phoebe is when she is just getting up from a sleep -- either first thing in the morning, or right after nap. The best.


Carolynn said...

Love the bed head picture! Have you gone to the doctor this week? What's the verdict?

The Pink Potpourri said...

so cute! i think my mom has a few blackmail pics of us girlies at that age with static hair :)