Monday, September 15, 2008

One and a Half

Yesterday, Phoebe turned eighteen months old. We are halfway to two, if you can believe it; also, the eighteen month milestone means we are literally days away from having another little one in the house.

Phoebe is so much a toddler now, and yet she is still so much a baby. What a delightful time of development this is! On one hand, it makes me sad to see her leaving behind some of her "baby" traits; on the other, I am so ready to have her as a "big girl" to help out with her little sister. Here are some of the big girl things we see in our Phoebs:

Phoebe is...
  • still adding words to her vocabulary, and I've learned to chill out about the fact that she's just not as verbal as some of her friends. Some of our new words for this month are "ice", "bow", "dip", and "thank you".
  • signing the answer to question #1 in the Catechism for Young Children
  • loving books more than ever! She is particular about what she wants to read, and when. She also helped me choose books at the library for the first time this past month. We have been especially enjoying some Kevin Henkes and Lois Ehlert, as well as our favorite Eric Carle and Clifford.
  • climbing all over everything. She says something that sounds like "shcheese" whenever she wants to sit in a chair ("sit please"?), and often she'll try to get there herself. She can climb into her rocking chair in her room, as well as the loveseat in the living room. She's adventurous still, and not afraid to fall a few times in the trying.
  • becoming more and more helpful with her "chores". She loves to sweep, put things in the dirty clothes, set the table (napkins, and her utensils), and put things back in the refrigerator, among other things.
  • loving on a baby doll, although she is totally clueless about her sister coming soon! She particularly loves to give her a "nay-nay" (paci), and kisses her often.
  • taking one nap in the afternoon. Although I fought the great nap dropping of 2008, we've both adjusted well.
  • interested in dipping foods, especially in Ranch dressing. I can now get her to eat "bunny food" (raw carrots, celery) when offered with some dip!
  • still waiting on her canine teeth to come on in, although they're causing her a fair amount of discomfort. We're anxious for them to arrive, just as I'm sure she is!
  • loving more and more crafts; we especially love to color and play with homemade play-doh. She also loves the Magna-Doodle we "borrowed" from Mops's house!
And, as usual, I could list ad nauseum. But I'll spare you! We go tomorrow for Phoebe's 18-month checkup at the pediatrician, and the dreaded shots. Our last doctor's visit (a couple of weeks ago for a false staph alarm) did not go well, and Phoebe was really nervous about the nurses, doctor, and instruments. We're praying for a big brave girl tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

praying along side you, my darling, for sweet "control" on all sides :-) just remember, you were 12 or 13 when you stood with your back against the wall, fists raised, ready to do battle if the doc came any closer!!! "no, no" you might be saying, not sweet sarah rose! hahahaha! believe me, this mama was in shock at the dr jekel/ms hyde behavior!!! oh, precious memories, how they linger! big, big love to the big, big 1 year and half old baby-toddler, my dollie!

Lauren said...

I'm so glad you post these monthly updates...I'll have a great resource for comparison! The Phoebe pics are adorable and I'm tré excited to see Nora

The Sinks said...

The similarities are so neat sometimes! Kathryn is also not very verbal. She babbles allll the time now, especially pretending to talk on the phone, but still seems to have few words in comparison with others around her age. So it's good to see sometimes that she's not "behind" when compared with others who are right there with her, too. And she loves to dip food in ranch also, and will even dip fruit in it (gross!). Hoping the doctors visit goes well...Kathryn is also very apprehensive when we go now, I think as they get older they start to realize exactly where they are and what happens there. Hope all goes well!

The Sinks said...

Oh, and Kathryn still doesn't have her canine teeth either. It seems like they've been "coming through" for months now. So glad when this teething thing is done! (Just in time for another kid to start going thru it!)