Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Next Good Thing

Y'all, I am tired. We haven't even crossed the three o'clock threshold, and I've found myself wondering if it's too early to go to bed.

It's been a long week. On our trip to visit Mops and Pops, I brilliantly forgot Lamby. The first day and a half we were there was spent sleepless, and looking to purchase a new one (the third Lamby, for those who are counting). (We found one, by the way.) On returning home, I faced an extremely busy weekend, an unfinished bathroom, and the realization that Nora's coming really soon.

Let's just say I spiraled into a bit of despair. That might be an understatement.

My sweet, sweet husband prayed with me (and for me) an awful lot. He encouraged me. And after I decided that I would actually listen to his sweet words, he gave me some really good advice. And friends, I'd like to share it here with you.

Instead of getting overwhelmed at the "everything" that needed my attention, he told me to simply focus on doing only the next good thing.

Meaning, I didn't need a plan. I just needed to tackle that next thing. If the thing most frustrating to me was the sink full of dirty dishes, then that sink was the next thing I needed to do. I didn't need a list or an itinerary. I just needed to do the next thing. And sometimes, that next good thing means putting my feet up for an hour.

This thinking (and an awful lot of prayer) has done wonders for my outlook! Although my list helps keep me organized, knowing I only have to worry about one thing at a time keeps me from getting completely overwhelmed.

And right now? The next good thing is a Dr. Pepper and some pita chips.


j&bH said...

wonderful advice a'la michael...
don't forget, you have a "permanent" to do list in your kitchen. also, don't forget, I LOVE YOU.

Carolynn said...

That's great advice. I may need to apply that little nugget in my own life. On another note, SERIOUSLY, I want to help you get ready for Nora. ANYTHING I can do! I can run earrands, I can keep Phoebe. Whatever you need, I'm here(until the 28th). I can definitely execute a to do list. Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Ah Sarah, thanks for sharing! Your husband gave you excellent advice! So proud of you for being a listening ear...even if you had to chew on that wisdom for a moment or two (I don't know about you, but my "pride" can get me into a stale mate of a situation). Anyways, I about fell off my chair! WHAT NO LIST!?! has he gone MAD!?!? ....was my original thought...but as Kel would say, "Oh, ho hum"... your sweet, dear husband was absolutely correct. Sometimes it is our overwhelmness (yes, i know that is not a word) that can't even get us to the list line. Speaking as one who was RAISED on list for everything in life...and still cannot shake the habit...sometimes that o'l Niki add works the best..."Just do it"! So glad you have been encouraged by the Lord through the guidance and leadership of your husband. :D Snacks...well those always make everything all better too!

Lastly, thanks for the lambie story. It reminded me of my sweet 21 year old Kendall and how she was GLUED to her blankie! It HAD to be the one from Sears...none other would do! Yes, well, this maybe Lambie #3...but from my experience with blankie... it could reach a double digit! We went through EVERY color of those Sears blankets, pink, blue, green, turquoise, and yellow. It had to have the tag in just the right spot and the satin trim HAD to be identical! I feel your pain! :D Well, we are just counting the days for the grand entrance of Ms. Nora . Have a happy day! Love, from the Resort!

The Sinks said...

Oh, The List. I live by it, too, and often get overwhelmed just looking at it (or thinking about it). Thanks for the reminder to take one thing, and one day, at a time. For my Type-A schedule crazed brain, the past couple of weeks (and the next couple to come) have been driving me crazy, playing the waiting game, not knowing how to PLAN... But your reminder to take things one at a time was just for me, I think. So thank you. And the next thing on my list? Go ahead and ignore the list and take the nap that I've been putting off (hopefully Kathryn will cooperate and continue to sleep as well!).