Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Doctor's Update #2

We are swimming in copays for the month of September, friends. Seriously. Every family member, including Jake, has a doctor's appointment this week. Today, it was my turn.

I have now officially reached the 36 week mark, which means I have the delight of hanging out with Dr. D, downtown, every single week. Today was also my first...exam. Here are the results:
  • Nora is growing, and will probably be bigger than her sister. For the first time in my pregnancy (either pregnancy, actually), I am measuring right on, and not small. I grew 3 cm in two weeks (average is 1cm/week), and gained another 2 pounds.
  • Blood pressure is good
  • Nora's heart rate was 156, higher than it has been in weeks. She's been a sleepyhead at her appointments, and evidently she was enjoying her breakfast today.
  • Nora is being a good little girl, and is currently head down. I've suspected as much the past few days, as I am no longer having to move body parts out from under my rib cage. Dr. D thinks she'll stay that way, and I'm thankful.
  • The contractions I've been having for the past four months have done nothing to dilate me. Hopefully they'll start working on something soon!
I promise I'll blog about more than the doctor soon; but honestly, I'm wiped out from waiting rooms and tests and all that. But I promise this is the last doctor update (from me, anyway) for one full week!


Lauren said...

Beautiful...the only thing that would make it better: Belly pic!

The Pink Potpourri said...

busy family!! so glad to hear the appt went well, and nora is being such a good girl. can't wait to meet her soon!!!

Lauren said...

OK, contractions for the last 4 months...good. HOw many a day are we talking? Before coming here I'd only had like 2 total, but now I have several every day