Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some Happy

The last several days have been pretty hard for me. God's grace has really been abundant, and He has really helped me to seek joy. He has provided for me appropriate rest, adequate encouragement, and abundant love.

But the truth is, as a Mommy, it is awful to see your child suffer in any way. Phoebs got sick last Wednesday, and that wasn't fun. But then the diarrhea set in. And although it hasn't been accompanied by fever or any other symptoms... I think it's the worst thing I've had to watch Phoebe suffer through. I am not understating when I say that diaper changes have been miserable. I think she's been as strong as her little body would allow; often, it was more than she could handle.

One of Phoebe's happiest times these past few days has been the bath. Nothing hurts when she's in it, and in fact, she is getting some gentle relief. Daddy used these opportunities to style her hair.

See how much hair she has! She was utterly delighted by the giggles her hair elicited from Mommy and Daddy. I hope that these 'dos can bring you a little delight today, too!

So far today, we've not had any visits from our unwelcome guest, the diarrhea. I'm hoping it stays far, far away.


Andy and Kelly said...

lol! michael really got creative with the hair dos! We always had the one spike right up the top, but these, well, these will be tucked away to use for my own little ones one day!!! :D I hope Phoebs feels better soon!

The Pink Potpourri said...

how precious! i think michael should start a new career in hair-do's ;)

Liz said...

LOL...Gavin loves bath time too when he has tummy troubles. Hope Phoebe stays feeling better though!!

The Sinks said...

Phoebe, get better soon!