Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Day?

Is it possible that yesterday I was sweating to a temperature of seventy-something? No really. It was at least seventy degrees while we were on our way home from the doctor yesterday. I had an urge to throw on some flip-flops and a skirt, and I definitely remember thinking that spring was on its way.

So imagine my surprise when I saw snow this morning.

What the heck?!

First of all, it never snows here. But after yesterday? Good grief! The dusting of snow lasted on the deck and rooftops until lunchtime, which is pretty impressive. The only unfortunate thing is that our heat is on the fritz, so it's just a tiny bit chilly in here. I'm definitely using the laptop as a warming device right now.

I imagine that the forecast for tomorrow is somewhere in the sixties or something ridiculous, but for now, I'm appreciating that this southern state is pretending that it's winter.

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