Monday, February 11, 2008


It seems like we've turned the corner! Sleep was better, she put herself to sleep for her nap (PTL!), and she's been generally happy this morning. Which means I have no excuse but to get caught up on all of the things that we let slide during the five-days-of-no-sleep. Which means that blogging is so not on my list. Whoops!



Good to hear! Prayer is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord, your back on track! Nothing like having the ducks back in a row! :) Order, supreme! :)
LOVE, LOVE, the picture! I am assuming, that is a current pic. For there is snow on the ground here in Indy and a wind chill of ...8! We just got a smattering of our favorite white stuff, but Allison and Zack woke to a whopping 8 inches of snow along with ice! Fez in is doggie heaven! He loves to play! They actually closed Seminary today! Which leads me to my point. Because Allison is home, I've actually heard the Kitchenaide in use, and she said that you had commented on her blog, so I traveled over there and saw the website for etsy...remember...I am computer challenged...well, thank you Ms. Sarah for I have spent WAY too much time over there! How addictive is that!? a tee hee hee! Very fun, I must say. Well, I have lost complete control of my day to the internet...but sometimes it is good to stop and "tap the keys"! So glad you are all better! God Bless, Love, ann potter p.s. yes, I am STILL working on your book, please hang in there with me. :)