Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Naptime is Probably Almost Over

Tuesdays are always so whirlwind, so it's good to catch a few minutes to sit. I am not going to spend the three minutes I have to post regaling you with stories of our trip to the doctor today -- but I will tell you that Phoebe's doing fine. I'm just anxious to get all of this infection out of her, and for no more weird things to crop up.

Sleep was wacky again last night, but we are making progress. But I have great news!

Today is my Valentine's Day!

My sweet, sweet Valentine is actually going to share me on the real February 14th. On Thursday, my mom is coming to pick up the girls, and we're going to have some much needed R&R with Mops and Pops. The weekend popped up free, so we're taking our chance while we can; the next five weekends are wild and woolly! But since I won't be here on Valentine's Day, we decided to move the party.

Now, we've never been huge Valentine's people. We agreed to do handmade cards and have a date night. With Phoebe's sickness being so wonky, we decided to do an at-home date tonight. We're going to cook a fancy, rich, and altogether delicious meal together (which we love, but seldom do anymore for reasons of practicality -- someone has to entertain the baby a little!), have some great cuddles and face time, maybe watch a movie (if I can stay awake!), and just enjoy an evening together. I'm so excited!

Anyway, my time is up any second, so off I go! Happy Valentine's Day!



Happy Your Valentine's Day! Have fun!

Glad to hear Phoebe's almost out of the water? Woods? what IS that saying?

Mrs. Olsen said...

That's the best kind of date sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you!!! Happy Valentine's Day! I know your parents must be beside themselves to have the girlies home with them! Enjoy and be blessed! Love, Ms. Ann It's SNOWING! Big, huge flakes...and the sun just came out! Fabulous! God sparkles...falling from His Hand! :)


your comments make me giggle!


your comments make me giggle!