Friday, February 1, 2008

A Few Random Thoughts

I've been feeling pretty brain-dead here lately, so in lieu of a normal, coherently written post, I am going to present my very random thoughts in bullet form:
  • Last weekend, Michael installed safety latches on the "dangerous cabinets" in the kitchen. I cannot count the number of times I nearly jerk my arm out of the socket trying to open them up. These are not baby proof, they are Mommy Proof. No, really. You'd think I'd learn.
  • Phoebe officially has two teeth. Tooth #2 made its appearance after an extremely rough Saturday night. She is also obsessed with sticking her tongue over her teeth. It is super cute. You can see the major tooth in this picture (isn't my husband talented?):
  • The day after Phoebe started signing "all done", I convinced her to sign "more" with little bits of cookie. (A little bribery never hurts, right? Right?) She'd still rather whine than sign, but we're excited about this new communication breakthrough.
  • Another new breakthrough with Phoebe: the baby boogie. Her Mommy has no rhythm, her daddy doesn't have much more...but Phoebs will now bust a move to the tune of clapping hands or electronicized music from her Leap Frog Music Table thing. It is super cute to see her tiny little bottom move up and down. We will have to video this.
  • Little Miss Brave will stand up on her own for about two seconds, until she realizes she's doing it. I am not ready to have a walking or standing child on my hands. I don't think she cares.
  • I should be doing other things right now. So I'm going to.

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Anonymous said...

Do other things!?! What could be better than this?! What a BEAUTIFUL picture! Love b/ took my breath away.
I just had to comment...the minute I read the words "safety latches" whole body shook...I can relate to your "experience" and trust me...27 years later...the mental scares are still there! :)
Yeah for new teeth...of course...I have to do my daughter dentist duty and say...toothbrush! :)
Oh, how I love baby boogie...and baby laughs, I mean can it get any better than this?
Thanks for the pick me up on this Friday afternoon. May you and your beautiful family have a blessed weekend! Love, ann potter