Monday, February 18, 2008


I'm really not feeling up to posting right now, but I couldn't help but throw a picture up from our trip north. It was a beautiful, almost spring-like day, so we decided to go feed the fish and ducks before we left town. Mops always has a great collection of bird-worthy bread, so our park dwelling friends thoroughly enjoyed their treats.

I was amazed at how not into it Phoebe was, but we pretended for a minute with this picture. Don't worry: Mops is holding on to the back of her overalls, so she's not about to flop in. Phoebe did, however, enjoy being outside, so that was a plus.

It's always a challenge to ease back into a Monday after a weekend with Michael home, but it seems especially hard today. Hopefully I'll get some pep in my step before the end of the day!

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Allie Parker said...

that is such a CUTE picture!!! so glad you all had a wonderful, relaxing time!