Friday, February 8, 2008

Quick Update

  • I am now on antibiotics and should be doing much better in a couple of days. For now, I have to limit my caffeine, which is about zero fun when sleep is way interrupted.
  • Phoebe was still running a fever as of 4am, but she's still sleeping -- which is a blessing after our late bedtime and 4am rock session. The good news is that she slept a lot more last night than the night before -- and so did we.
  • I'm taking Phoebs to the doctor this afternoon if possible, just to make sure this isn't a bacterial something that we could get rid of.
  • I intend to update at Everyday Gourmet with a hummus and pita chip recipe, so stay tuned!
  • My closet and drawers have thrown up all over our bedroom, because I was halfway through the process of cleaning them out when sleeplessness/sickness hit our house. The good news is that my drawers are beautifully organized and half the closet is, too!
  • More to come, after my one cup of coffee has kicked in.



Sarah, I'm glad to know you already knew about UTIs, but not glad that she had one so young. I bet that just added a bunch of fun to the already stressful first few months! Glad y'all are getting sleep. That's the BEST!!!

Praying for speedy recovery!

Tessa said...

HI Sarah -- I found your blog through the bloggy giveaway, however, I did not leave a comment because I do not have kids. However, I was trying to think of what to give my nieces for Valentine's Day and your idea popped in my head. So, I decided I would try to make something similar, only using hearts, but I wasn't sure what material you used for the whale? Is it fleece? If you wouldn't mind passing along your secret, I would be very grateful!

This is the first time I've ever posted on someone's site without knowing them...I feel kind of strange!


I hope today went well. Did you end up making a trip to the doc?