Monday, February 25, 2008

Exciting Stuff!

I've got about two seconds before I need to get up the Sleeping Critter, but I'm so excited about all this stuff I could just bust!
  • Our friends Drew and Kimberly are having their long awaited baby boy today! She was induced at 6 am, so we're expecting news any minute (or hour)!
  • Our friends Derek and Margaret are having their long awaited baby girl tomorrow!
  • This makes babies #5 and #6 in the past year for our small group. WOW!
  • Less exciting than a baby, but still super wonderful: Mom is coming down tomorrow to help me get some stuff done around the house and to just have some girl time. Much needed, and much anticipated. It has been since before Christmas that mom has been able to come and play!
  • Even less exciting, but still cool: I got my check in the mail from the consignment sale I did a few weeks ago... I made WAY more than I thought I would! I must've sold everything I put up for sale! It's always a blessing to have a little unexpected money in the bank.
And... now I must go. More tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

and i sit at home while mops plays with pops two girls :(

but i'm just blessed to know you are all together :)

LOL from Pops

Anonymous said...

Oh! Girlie Time! I was just talking with Mrs. Parker this a.m. about coming down to L-ville the next time we see the sun shine and there is NO threat of Ice, Snow, Rain, High Winds, or Hail! (we may have a wait) and go to chapel together and then to our favorite new girlie spot..."the Butterfly Tea Room!" YUMMMMMMM!!!! So glad your girls will have a glorious day together on Wednesday! Make every moment count! :D Would love to see a picture of the girls having G-time! God Bless! Love, Ann

Allie Parker said...

what kind of consignment sale was it? online? i would love to do something like that!