Friday, February 15, 2008

Eleven Months

Phoebe and I have been living the lush life since about noon yesterday, having arrived at to the retreat that is Mops and Pops's house. Free of to do lists and schedules, we are just hanging out which is this blissful, wonderful thing. It would only be more wonderful if Michael was here to enjoy it with us!

Yesterday was both Valentine's Day and Phoebe's 11 month birthday. Eleven months! That means, friends, that she will be a whole year old in less than a month. I can scarcely believe it. There's really more that I want to write, but that would be betraying the spirit of "doing nothing"... so I'll add my customary list of what Phoebs is up to and call it a day.

Phoebe is...
  • Cutting her third tooth! It appeared yesterday, much to my surprise. I'd been watching a different tooth for its appearance, but then this little booger showed up unannounced! Hooray!
  • Standing up like a big girl, on her own, for about ten seconds. But only if she doesn't realize she's doing it. As soon as she realizes it, she squats down on the floor.
  • Seeking out little cubby holes to hide in. The smaller the space, the better -- I'm nervous that she's going to discover the space behind our couch soon!
  • Really dancing and shaking her little hiney to music
  • Signing "more" and "all done"
  • Kissing just about anything we ask her to kiss, including that mysterious baby in the mirror.
  • Playing ball with Daddy (and Mommy, too, but it is a special delight to Daddy) by rolling it back and forth. She claps when she rolls it away from herself. She knows she's kind of a big deal!
  • Waving "bye bye", at least most of the time that we ask -- but sometimes she gets pretty shy about it.
  • Sharing anything she can -- toys, food (especially pre-soggied food), hugs, etc. She LOVES to share!
  • "Talking" all the time... dadadadadada and babababa are her favorites, but occasionally we'll hear a "Hey Jake!" which only we can interpret. No progress on the "mama" front! She is beginning to babble more and imitate less. In other words, she's less enthusiastic to perform and much more into saying her own thing.
I know there's more, but that's all for now! We love our little one so much... can you tell? I'll get back to my regular posting enthusiasm when I'm not distracted by spontaneous trips to Target or a fresh issue of People Magazine!



awww...happy 11th Monthday Phoebe!! Enjoy doing nothing, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! I saw the pic. and I instantly thought, " she looks like Michael R.! Maybe I am remembering a picture in my mind of younger days...but it took my breathe away. I know, I'm probably the only one who sees it! Have a blessed weekend and enjoy! :) lots of love, ms. ann

Anonymous said...

what sweet blessings we've enjoyed having our girls appreciative to m.j. for his understanding the need for "together time." and, yes, it's always better having the whole family sharing time... the house is very quiet, but timing belongs to our precious God...He fills our greatest need perfectly. you will always be missed, but you will always be loved far more...mops sending you tender kisses and huge hugs.

Anonymous said...

Sarah... SOO excited for you.. enjoy this weekend... I can't wait for us to hang out when you get back...:)

jenny pruitt