Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pillow Talk with Phoebe

Every night when I tuck Phoebe into bed, I say and do pretty much the same thing. I snuggle her under her blanket, tuck Lamby under her arm, and kiss her forehead. Then I tell her that Mommy loves her, Daddy loves her, and Nora loves her... but most of all, Jesus loves her. Same thing, every night.

Tonight when I tucked her in, I did the usual. Except I reverted back to the original version of the script, which did not include Nora's name. Before I could tell her that Jesus loves her, she sweetly said, "Nano? (Nora)"

I quickly corrected myself, and then for fun I told her that Lamby loved her too, before adding that Jesus loves her. This of course elicited a smile.

Usually, my tucking-in conversation is one-sided. But evidently telling her that Lamby loved her opened up the door for her to chat with me before drifting off to dreamland. She then asked, "Mock? (Mops)", to which I assured her that Mops does indeed get included on the list of those who love her.

So then I asked her, "Who else loves you?"

And this is who she listed:
  • Pops
  • Winnie
  • JT
  • Oscar (the Grouch)
  • Elmo
  • Elmo's Blanket

I didn't prompt her here, just simply asked, "Who else?"

I think it's delightful that she jumps immediately to puppies (and yet, strangely excluding Jake) to Muppets. I'm fascinated by the way that sweet little mind works, and it's fun to have her thoughts now revealed in conversation. Sweet dreams, little one!

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Anonymous said...

oh, my dollie...mine and Pops heartstrings just got squeezed a little tighter! "How sweet it is to be loved by you!" Glory to God in the highest for His indescribable gift! Enjoy your day of "rest" pondering and playing in all the white He has blanketed us with today! Biggest love, mops