Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Randoms

I'm a little behind on a deadline, so obviously this is a good use of my time. However, I can hardly form complete sentences... so maybe this will wake up my brain and get me going.

About fifteen crazy people have tagged me on facebook to do the 25 random things about you survey thing... so I thought I might give it a go. So here goes!

  1. I have been married to Michael for 3 1/2 years. When we got married, we had a "four year plan" to have children; I'm so thankful that God's already given us two, instead of giving us "our way"!
  2. I love to read, and am learning to carve out time to read more challenging books... as in, books that aren't easy "beach" reads.
  3. I hate to nap (I think they're a waste of time), and will only do so under dire circumstances. Today was one such day. Michael came home at lunch to feed the ravenous Nora, while I retreated to the bedroom for over an hour. It was wonderful.
  4. I'm more introverted than I thought I was.
  5. I'm not a fan of dealing with anything financial: bank statements, bills, budgets, taxes, etc. As in, I hate to even open mail that I know is money-related.
  6. I'm very much a perfectionist, and I don't deal well with failure.
  7. Michael and I are currently addicted to NCIS. We watch an episode or two every night after the girls have gone to bed.
  8. I love to snuggle on the couch with my Green Blanket, which was the comforter on my dorm room bed. It's enormous, and it's seen me through some major life changes. It is an entity all its own!
  9. Michael and I feel led to homeschool our children, which is both exciting and terrifying, all at the same time.
  10. I'm not a fan of sweet things, but I LOVE chocolate -- the darker the better.
  11. One thing I'm learning a lot about right now is control, and how I'm not the one in control. It's so hard to let go and lean on the sovereignty of God!
  12. I love to travel with Michael, especially to out-of-the-way places. Our favorite destination is in the Shoals -- which isn't exactly a vacation hotspot -- but we love it!
  13. Michael just bought me a domain name, and I'm hoping to "launch" there soon.
  14. My dad got us all furry crocs for Christmas (even Phoebs), and I think they're the ugliest things ever. However, they are my most frequently worn pair of shoes these days.
  15. I love to make lists, and even have a giant home management notebook that's full of household related lists. I haven't cracked it since Christmas, though!
  16. I'm a home-body, and like to stay home as much as possible. It's not that I can't get out with small children, it's that I'd rather not. We like being home!
  17. I am currently reading: A Mother's Heart, Jean Fleming; The Shaping of a Christian Family, Elisabeth Eliot; Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready, June Oberlander. I'd recommend all three!
  18. We're watching Mary Poppins in installments with Phoebe after dinner each night. We all love it!
  19. I like the idea of having hobbies, like sewing or scrapbooking... but seriously, I can't find time to do the things I need to do, much less crafty things! Maybe in another season of life?
  20. I'm handicapped when it comes to decorating. Anything pretty in my house is usually the result of my mother or my husband helping me out.
  21. I don't think I deal very well with change -- which is not a very good trait to have when you have small children running around! I like to have a plan, and to know what to expect, on a daily basis. Things seldom work out that way!
  22. I love the beach, but I'm totally afraid of the ocean. Or the lake, for that matter. I can't stand the idea of swimming with fish or snakes or other sea creatures.
  23. I am DEATHLY afraid of snakes. When I was pregnant with Phoebe, we had to call the Pelham police to come put to death a snake that crept into my living room. (Michael was at work 30 minutes away.) I ran to the bedroom, camped out on the bed, and let the officer let himself in. I never saw him, or the snake, after I retreated.
  24. I am a serious morning person, and love to be up well before the rest of the house. I try to wake up at least an hour before everyone else, but if I could still function in the afternoon, I'd get up even earlier.
  25. Michael's going to shoot me if I don't stop doing this and start working on my article.
So now that's done... it's time to get to work!

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Anonymous said...

I love your list...I knew you would eventually do it, because you are such a "list" person! :-) Do you want all the ones I've saved since you began making lists, at, oh, age 2!!! Your mama loves you girl, so big!