Monday, February 23, 2009

Like a Child

I was changing Phoebe's diaper today, and she asked me to pray. I held her little hands, we closed our eyes tight, and we prayed a sweet, simple little prayer. When we were finished, Phoebe smiled and said, "Mama pay (pray)?" Delighted by her heart that is tender to prayer -- and yet totally onto her scheme to delay a diaper change -- I told her that she could pray all by herself, without Mommy. So she did!

Phoebe shut her eyes tight, folded her hands, and prayed, "Dada home?" And then she opened her eyes, and gave a hearty "Amen". What a delight to her mommy!

just before family prayers at bedtime

Phoebe loves to pray with us, and especially gets a kick out of closing her eyes really tight. It's our prayer that she will always have a heart for prayer, and that her enthusiasm will never diminish.

(Daddy did not, by the way, come home before her nap... but he did come home for lunch while she napped! Perhaps this is her first lesson in prayer being answered in ways different than we might expect?)


The Pink Potpourri said...

this is probably one of my most favorite posts you've posted. what a precious thing!!! thank you for sharing!

Andy and Kelly said...

Sarah, i love this post!!! your girls are so cute, and every time i see apicture of their cute little faces, i want to give them big hugs!!!! Be sure to give them an extra one from me today! Have a great day!