Thursday, February 26, 2009

Extra 20% Off

I just deleted what must have been the tenth email from j.crew to have come into my inbox this week. Offering a tantalizing twenty percent off any final sale purchase, the email really should have sent me straight to the website to buy. But sadly, twenty percent off final sale still means t-shirts (and oh, how I love a j.crew t-shirt) are still something like forty percent more expensive than a stretchy Merona tee from Target, which works just fine.

All the style gurus (and by that I mean Stacy and Clinton) suggest that you buy really well made (expensive) wardrobe items that will last forever. And I suppose they would suggest that I go ahead and splurge on that $35 perfect-fit long sleeved tee. I also suppose that in my former life that shirt would've been a good investment, because I wasn't coming into contact with bodily fluids and little people all day long. But I've seriously gotten spit-up (and flour, and cooking spray) on two separate articles of clothing today.

I don't suppose I'm a paragon of style these days. But I'll gladly wear my $8.99 Merona v-necks if it means I can snuggle this messy little Critter without fear.

I guess there are days where one could say that by becoming a mom, I've lost all sense of personal style. But what I've gained -- including spit-up and an extra inch around my waistline -- is worth so much more.


Anonymous said...

I so love you, my darling make me proud to be your mama! And, by the way, you look beautiful in anything, whether it cost $1 or $100!!!

Allison said...

Well said! After becoming a mama, my wardrobe turned into jeans or stretch pants and t-shirts (not from J Crew or Gap). Although on some days, PJs work just fine too. And when is it exactly that we are supposed to have the time to take babies to the mall and do all of this sale shopping??? I am certainly a "plain Jane" when it comes to fashion these days and that is just fine with me!

Andy and Kelly said...

lol, stacy and clinton are usually right! I've been sick for an entire week now- like only out of bed to go to the bathroom kinda sick. Mom came over yesterday and helped me purge clothes in my closet, reminding me that I should only buy those high quality items you are talking about. I, too, agree with you, although our careers are not exactly the same, but close to equally messy :) I have found that I feel better if I buy those nice items at a huge discount, or even at outlet malls! More for my money, and I can still have that crazy style I love!!! lol, maybe bright colors and patterns is the way to go with your two little munchkins, and few stains will even show! :)