Tuesday, February 3, 2009

iPhone Hacks, or, How our toddler expresses herself so eloquently

My husband figured out a way to record video on his new-fangled iPhone.

I myself am a lazy videographer, but am thrilled to present this snippet of our Phoebs. In this video, Professor Phoebe explains how she has equated rock sizes to different parts of the family. Big rocks, dada. Not quite as big rocks, mama. Small rocks, of course, are baby. Here she also learns what happens when you find two small rocks, what do you call the smaller one? HEY did you just see that dog?!?!!!11@

I hope our Doodle delights you like she does us!


The Pink Potpourri said...

that video was TOO CUTE! phoebe is so smart and creative! thanks for sharing the video

List Mama said...

My husband so wants an iPhone. I guess I will have to give in someday. I would like to have one myself. Maybe he & I can work out a deal :-)