Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Letters

I have approximately three minutes before I start hearing "Mama book?" from the other room, and approximately six before Nora asks -- nicely or not -- for her bottle. That said...

Michael and I agreed to write each other a letter for Valentine's Day. Whether he knows it or not, he already wrote his last night. Feeling yucky, I was sent to bed and told not to get up until morning. He meant it, too.

Nora was up at least three separate times last night (why, oh why??) and had, in general, a hard time sleeping. Michael fed her once, loved her twice, and made me stay in bed.

This morning, I'm awake and, while I'm not feeling 100%... I can guarantee that I'd feel a heckofalot worse if I'd done all the legwork last night.

So thank you, lovey! I love you! Happy Valentine's Day! (This is not, by the way, my letter... but I wanted everyone to know how wonderful you were!)

To come later, some vintage lovey pictures!

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Anonymous said...

This was the "message" we taught last night at the Valentine's banquet! You do have a wonderful husband with a servant heart...we are thankful. Happy Valentine's our dearest Thomases....we love you each so BIG...mock and pops