Friday, April 18, 2008

Randomly Collected

My sweet husband informed me that blog posts with bullets are way cool. So in the spirit of trying to be cool, this assortment of thoughts will be posted in bullet form.
  • We took a field trip to the ER at Children's on Wednesday. Everyone (Phoebe) is fine. No really. Michael promises he will blog sufficiently about our adventure, but the moral of the story is to never let your child play with Orajel.
  • We often joke that I have verbal diarrhea. Evidently there is a real word for this: logorrhea. I'm not making this up!
  • The other day, I said that I am officially not showing yet with this pregnancy. I think I lied. To the outside world, I just look fat. But seriously, I can't suck this gut in. And does anyone else think that the great "spread" of pregnancy happens overnight? I feel like everything got wider in a period of 24 hours.
  • Phoebe cracks me up. All the time. I took ten minutes of video of her last night, and I think she is the funniest thing out there. One day I will be technologically advanced enough to put video on my blog. You all will laugh. Or not. But I think she's hilarious.
  • We, along with thirty-seven percent of the county's residents, went to the park today. Phoebe had serious fun... but perhaps the most serious fun was when Daddy and Mr. Dan took Phoebe to the ice cream truck and brought back a bubblegum flavored "Tweety Bar". We all had a blast, including baby Caedmon...who took a killer nap the entire time we were there.
  • I am extremely excited about going to dinner with the Life Group girls at the Cheesecake Factory tonight... and I think Michael's pretty excited about a Daddy Date, too!
That's all, friends. The great garden project of 2008 is this weekend... so hopefully we'll have plenty of pictures to share when it's all done!


Carolynn said...

Okay I have some bullet points of my own(does that make me cool, too?)...
* ER at Children's and orajel...I need more info!
* I agree with that whole spreading overnight! We think you look perfect, btw!
* would love to see the video! I think she's pretty silly too!
* play date sounds fun...that picture was hilarious!
* sad to miss the dinner tonight:(
* we need to set up a date for a photo shoot:)
* love you...see you soon!

I think that about covers it.

Anonymous said...

* Pops has a bullet point or two :)

* Love the pictures

* Pops wishes for a moment he was a "Tweety Bar" to get a taste of his "Phoebe Bar"

* Enjoy Cheesecake Factory and Daddy date

Love Popos
Joshua 1:6-9

JJ said...

i'm a copycat :)

- hooray for 4 posts in 4 days!
- i got a kick out of reading your "not quite spring" post... i spent the week in denver, and it was in the mid-70s on mon and tues, and it SNOWED all day wednesday!!! i'm glad to be back in balmy atlanta for the weekend
- can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl! a friend of ours went in for her "last checkup before giving birth" since she's due in 9 days, and they're keeping her at the hospital to have the baby today! i thought of you and the new baby belly when i heard the news :)