Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I realize it's been a few days... so while the house was quiet, I figured I'd give a quick update.

For the past week or so, I've been dealing with some pretty constant, pretty yucky headaches. During the grand gardening adventure of the weekend, they peaked -- so I've been avoiding the computer for pretty much most of the day. I saw my OB on Tuesday (yesterday), and he thinks they're hormonal -- and I agree. The good news is that they should pass in the next few weeks, and he's given me a prescription to deal with the pain, should I need to use it.

Everything else at the checkup was is growing just as he or she should be, and the heart rate was right where Phoebe's was at this point in the pregnancy. Another girl, perhaps? We'll find out next month!

I'm now spending some R&R time with Mops and Pops -- my sweet Michael was gracious enough to share his girls for a few days this week. It's just the right prescription for headaches, and when I'm not feeling yucky, Mom is putting me through the rigors of sewing school. We've got a project for Phoebe in the works -- hopefully we'll be able to finish it before I return home! I'm most excited!


j&bH said...

you're in town and you didn't call? geez louise! i'm glad the fam is taking care of you and i'm ecstatic to hear news of the Peanut! i still miss should call me. i might break down and call you first! um...that's about it...i would love to catch up (& hug you if there's even a slim chance...if not, i'll just "send my love").
love you,
mare (Fave)

JJ said...

my mom ran into your parents and phoebe the other night! she said that phoebe looked absolutely beautiful!

sorry to hear you aren't feeling well - hopefully it will pass soon :\

i think i will be in huntsville for a few days, probably may 10-14 - let me know if you are around!!