Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting Warmer... I Think?

Supposedly it's spring.

No really. It's April 15 (have you sent in your taxes yet?), which means the official first day of spring was almost a full month ago. Here in the deep south, we're usually experiencing 90 degree weather by now, with 87 percent humidity. I kid you not.

I am not lamenting the lack of 90-degree-days. I am, however, lamenting the fact that we have to have the heat on in our house right now. And all that fun we've had taking walks and playing outside and wearing elastic skirts and flip-flops has been crushed by fifty-five degrees and windy. I feel like this is downright frigid! And a crime!

I feel like I waited for spring all winter, just to have it robbed from me. I'm just thankful it's coming back post haste... and I hope that it stays, since we're going to start planting our garden this weekend.

In spite of the fact that I'm having to wear real shoes and long pants today, I am delighted because I'm going to be spending lunch today with Michael...and then running around to make some deliveries to friends. Always an exciting prospect!

And in honor of the warmer weather to come... some warm weather pictures from last week:
Phoebe clapping with Daddy... she had just finished giving him a leaf. We were proud. :)"Mommy, why do we have to wait to plant? I like playing in the dirt!"
Standing all by herself... and even taking a step or two... but not yet walking.

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Allie Parker said...

i know what you mean about the weather...we were in the 70's all week, and then in the 30-40's over the weekend with FROST at night! but warmer weather is coming back to us this week! those pics of phoebe are so adorable! be sure to post pics of your new garden after this weekend :)