Sunday, April 27, 2008


We're still around...but it's been a wild, wild weekend! We just wanted to wave and say howdy -- an update to come once the dust all settles!

(And yes. That is my tiny little girl. Walking.)


j&bH said...

i'm pretty sure walking warrants a call to the very loving and hopefully beloved aunt fave & uncle gus... WE MISS YOU!

love, fave

Anonymous said...

walking....amazing! mops sure misses her thomases, her dollie-doll squeezes, and the playtimes, both for little critter and grown-ups :-)! Love you soooo BIG...mopsy

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! WALKING! She is such a BIG girl! How old is she now.... 10?!! Wonderful picture! Always brings us great joy! Check you Kel's site... they have a new addition to the Smith household! Precious in HIs sight. Be Blessed by this amazing day! God Bless and hugs and kisses, Love, Ms. Ann p.m. also check out the Parkers, they had a huge blessing of a weekend! :D ...I'm trying not to covet. :)