Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Should Have Started This Earlier

Because this new baby is going to be extra smart, he or she is leaching off all of my brain cells. Therefore, I need to go ahead and write down all the fun we've been up to over the past week lest I forget. Then it can be all checked off the list, and I can get on to bigger and better things. So as fast as I can... our week in review.

  • Last weekend marked the appearance of the "hormonal headaches", that still rear their ugly heads at inopportune times. Mops came to the rescue on Monday morning, babysitting both me and Miss Phoebe. We were very grateful for her help!
  • Tuesday I returned to the doctor to for my scheduled 16 week checkup. He gave me a prescription for something other than Tylenol to take care of the headaches. Everything else looks good -- baby's heart rate was 152 (Phoebe's was 154 at the 16 week). Although I'm still pretty sure it's a boy (really), we'll find out for sure next month!
  • Tuesday afternoon, Mops carted the girls north for sewing school. Mops and Pops continued the babysitting while I continued the neglect...as I learned to sew! I am almost finished with the dress that I started up there, and I'm hoping to knock it out tonight while watching Idol. I promise to post pictures as soon as it's finished, if you promise not to look too closely at all of its imperfections!
  • We returned to town Friday, and Michael surprised us by taking the afternoon off to play with his girls! Friday night we enjoyed a cookout over at the Pruitt's house, and Phoebe (perhaps inspired by the big kids she was playing with?) walked up a storm. Really. We were all shocked at how big her walking was! I'm hoping to capture it on video soon.
  • Saturday we had our courtesy, 2nd trimester puke. I don't puke in the first, just in the second. And just once. I'm glad that's over. I felt like doodoo the rest of the day, and did nothing. Fortunately, the Jordans came over Saturday night and busted me out of my funk. A good time was had by all -- even Caedmon, who crashed like a champ in the pack and play.
  • Sunday we had a scheduled tailgate party at church...which was cancelled. So we invited the LIFE group over here on a whim. I didn't know we could fit so many people in our house! 18 adults, 8 kids... I think everybody had a great time -- I know we did! It's always fun to have a house full of folks... and I have an entertaining story to share later this week about how Michael prepares for company. :)
  • And Monday, we recovered.
Today, I muscled our giant rosemary plant out of the garden (anybody want some?) to make room for all of the plants we bought over a week ago. I was bushed (literally) after the great rosemary removal, so they'll get in the ground tomorrow... but I'm totally excited about the bountiful harvest I hope to reap in a few months! Also, if anybody has any great tips on sunflower growing, please let us know -- our birds have decided to plant a crop of sunflower seeds for us!

Now that that's out of the way... fun stories and coherent thoughts to come, later this week!

For reading this far, you are rewarded with one of my favorite pictures from the past week:


Anonymous said...

whew! I'm worn out after reading your past week entries!!! :-) I'm so proud of your sewing skills (they go well with the numb-chuck skills :-)...just kiddin' You are on you way to becoming an excellent seamstress! I miss you sitting next to me at the "sewing table"...Mops loves, loves, loves you and yours so deeply...rest well, my sweets

Erin said...

Ok, so I am going to admit to being a blog stalker. I found your blog from Carolynn's blog. We know eachother from college. Your Phoebe is an absolute doll! What a cutie! I have a son who is a couple of weeks older than Phoebe and we are also expecting another about a week after you. Congrats on the new little one.

Erin said...

Oh, and I have tried some of your recipes and they are fabulous. Thanks for sharing them.