Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I mentioned yesterday that, on a whim, we decided to invite the LIFE group over here since the tailgate was canceled. Since this decision was made precisely four hours before people would start showing up, and since I had been a total slug all weekend, we had some preparations to make before we could welcome a whole crowd of folks to the house.

Michael got right on his first project -- the yard. The grass needed to be mowed, and we had planned on moving the grill and some games out front to better accommodate our crowd, weather permitting. We knew some rain would be moving in, but the forecast was for scattered storms...we hoped that they would scatter before our fiesta.

Taking his time, Michael began to notice that the breeze was blowing in a pre-storm kind of way, and the clouds had moved in. Fortunately, he'd almost finished out front. He called Phoebe and me outside to check out the sudden change, and to feel the cool breeze. No sooner had I gone inside to check the radar did I notice that rain was hitting our roof. I looked outside to see this:

Do you see the monsoon my husband mowed the grass in? He had about three strips of grass left to mow when the heavens opened up. Rather than throw in the towel, he kicked off his shoes and literally ran the lawnmower across the yard. Fortunately, the camera was loaded and ready -- and right by the front door. And also fortunately, he thought the whole situation was hilarious. And he got the grass completely mowed! (We did not, however, attempt to mow the backyard.)

This guy is one dedicated dude, don't you think?

(And by the way, the rain did stay away for most of our "tailgate" party, and a great time was had by all!)

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! I still think you should send it on to the's full of interest, and the moment was captured perfectly prompting the viewer to smile big! So glad the party was are becoming your mother!!! Yikes!!! Big, Big, BIG Love to my thomses!