Thursday, April 3, 2008

Little Critter

Last night was one of those nights. And honestly, it all started even before Phoebe was asleep. I don't know if it was hormones, or just a plain old lousy mood; either way, I was a pretty icky person to be around last night. The littlest thing that Phoebe or Michael did just got under my skin...even if they were just trying to be sweet. There was definite attitude brewin'!

I felt better once Phoebe went to bed, but she'd been a drippy nose/mouth faucet all day long... not a promising thing when it comes to nighttime sleep. Sure enough, we started hearing from her at around 10:00... and continued to hear from her just about every hour (and sometimes more frequently) until about 4am. Michael figured out that her sneezing was waking her up, and her congestion was keeping her from falling asleep. At one point, after I'd been rubbing her little back for a while, I stepped away to see if she would fall asleep. She didn't cry -- just stood up, held out her little arms, and rested her head on the crib rail. How can a Mama refuse?

We ended up having some quality cuddles in her green chair...and I couldn't help but think about how fast she's growing up. Her limbs are getting so long and gangly, and her face is starting to look more like a little girl's face than a baby's.

Fortunately, she's been able to nap today... which has been, of course, great relief to her mommy. I've been able to get all ready for my baby's Daddy's birthday -- which is tomorrow! I'd love to tell more about my day, but that would give away some of the surprises I have working!


Mrs. Olsen said...

It's always good to hear that we aren't the only ones with THOSE nights! Tell Michael I said happy b-day!

Carolynn said...

I hope she's feeling a little better. It makes me sad to see how big they have gotten. Sometimes time moves WAY too fast. Have fun this weekend!

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Hey girl....I hope she's feeling better soon!

by the way...I think it would be a great idea for your mom to get out the old NKOTB stuff...definitely blog-worthy material!!!