Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

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I have posted previously about the wonders of paperbackswap, but that was before I had actually received any books.

You may remember that, in an attempt to do some new year purging, I listed several books that I didn't want or need to hang on to... Blount Initiative paperbacks, anyone? Anyway, my list grew to about thirty books. I have now mailed four of them, will mail three later this week. That's seven books no longer taking up space on my shelf!

Now, I did have to pay shipping for these books. But the beauty is that I get seven books that I really want to replace them, free of charge. (The sender will pay shipping on these books.) I received Pilgrim's Progress yesterday, and I think it is far more valuable than, say, The Great Human Diaspora... but maybe that's just me.

Anyway, it's a great way to recycle books, and it works on a credit system -- no paypal account to create, no credit card numbers, no real money. It's really been a great way to get some books that I was really wanting to buy anyway, and get rid of some books at the same time.

The great thing is, if you sign up for paperback swap by listing ten books, you automatically get two credits (that's two books). If you list me as your referrer, I also get a credit. So we all win! If you click the link below, you can get started in your paperbackswap journey! (There are also more details on the site, so that you can get all of the details before signing up.)

What are you waiting for? This totally works for me! (Check out more great helpful ideas at Works for Me Wednesday.)

Edited to Add: My sweet friend Rachel, whom I've been friends since we were reading books (and playing MASHO) in Mrs. Stidger's 10th Grade English, reminded me about media mail! It costs under $2.50 to mail most paperbacks using media mail, which recommends you do!


Mrs. Olsen said...

I don't know if you already know it, but if you tell the person at the post office that you are mailing a book, then you get the "media mail" discount. When I was selling some of my classroom books on ebay, I mailed big boxes of books for between five and ten dollars!

Mamabug said...

Yep, great site! Gotta love that wish list option.

Allie Parker said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for sharing about this paperback book swap! Sounds great! I really enjoy reading your blog and keeping up to date with your wonderful family. Phoebe is so beautiful and getting so big!

Anonymous said...

how do i refer you??? (walter)

Jacki said...

Oh thank you! I love books!

jayedee said...

awesome giveaway! please throw my name in the hat too! good luck everyone!

angelaandconnor at said...

I'd love to have another book.. and I use paperbackswap too!