Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All Done

For the past, oh, six months I've been trying to teach Phoebe how to sign.  And according to the books, she could have started signing three or four months ago.  This was a tremendous source of frustration for me because I was certain my Baby Genius would have it mastered well before the books said she could.  

Anyway, I finally came to a place of resignation.  I figured that Phoebe would just talk instead of sign, and it really wasn't that big of a deal if she could sign or not.  And really, it isn't that big of a deal.  

Well, I should have known that she would surprise me.

Like magic, we signed "all done" after breakfast.  She'd eaten her bottle, fruit and cereal, and had moved on to her Cheerios while we ate our cereal.  And then she stopped picking up her O's and waved her hand wildly in the air.  We weren't sure if this was really a sign, but determined it had to be since she immediately proceeded to feed Jake her leftovers.

Miraculous!  The child will sign!

Well, she was so excited about our enthusiasm for her newfound skill, she began to sign all done for everything.  Tired of sitting?  "All done."  Ready to play?  "All done."  Happy?  "All done."  Finished going potty? "All done."  Reading?  "All done."

Now, I realize we should diversify, but... for now, she can be done with whatever she wants.  We think it's pretty darn cute, anyway.

In other news, I've been updating Everyday Gourmet again... check it out for some easy, family-feeding recipes.  


Qtpies7 said...

My little Sam learned to sign milk, but nothing else, lol. We gave up and he started doing it. We are done nursing now, but he still signs it occasionally for cow's milk.
It really is fun when they do that.


Seriously, your blog is great! I'm adding it to my google reader now. I hope you don't mind, I found you through the bloggy giveaway.

As for signing, I have a piece of advice, sign as much as you can! Sign for everything. Sign for mama, dada, milk, all done, hungry, tired, bed, diaper change, etc. I had been signing with my daughter from five months of age. I didn't want to "confuse" her by signing too much. So, we only signed milk and all done. By the time she was 11 months old, she wasn't signing a thing. SO, I hired a sign language coach to teach a class and she made a great point. Deaf parents (of hearing or deaf children) sign every word they speak. Their children often sign around six months of age!!! So, we started signing anything we could think of and now Lorelai (13 months old) is signing milk, all done, airplane, tired, touchdown (I know, not necessary), more, where, ball and many others....



Is your little one seriously only ten months old? And she's going potty already? Are you potty training her? I gotta hear about this!


Thanks for the email. I'm glad to know that you aren't potty training already. I have heard so much about doing it early and I felt like maybe I was missing something. I'm enjoying life right now too much to worry about potty training. I'm leaning towards 2 years!! :-)

By the way, your photography is awesome and your blogs have great layouts. I'm a tad envious, I must say!