Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Act Like a Lady

Phoebe comes from a family of ladybug lovers, for sure and for certain. So I'm pretty sure the ladybug outfit was a no-brainer for Mops... and it found its way under the Christmas tree for our little lady. Can I just tell you that I was just filled with delight every time I looked at this little bug crawling around my floor?

And crawl she did. Oh my goodness, did she crawl.

When did she get so fast?

It normally takes me about eight minutes to dress and make the bed with a little one underfoot. She entertains herself with the bookshelf, a few toys, or just standing up at the side of the bed. Yesterday it took over twenty minutes. She's moving, grooving, and really... she's wanting to explore it all.

I think under normal circumstances, I would've been extremely frustrated with all of the training and disciplining and chasing that had to go on yesterday... but when the thing crawling around looks like this... can you help but smile?

In other news... the little ladybug seems to have caught a nasty cold in all of her flitting about yesterday, so we're hiding away with some Sesame Street and Veggie Tales and Lamby today. Perhaps we're just in recovery mode from all the places we flew yesterday?


natalierushing said...

Dear Sarah,
Your father sent me your blogspot- and he was right- you are a wonderful writer- Would love to talk about the possibility of you doing some work with culture & leisure magazine- Give us a call at the office or email me back-
Thank you!!! Natalie

damelafuerza said...

Oh that cutie bootie crawling in the polka dots is just too much. What a dear. And p.s. I'm hiding your post about the book swap from my husband...that could be dangerous in this house!