Friday, January 25, 2008


Oh Lambie...

The Lambie infatuation began innocently enough. Always fond of her critters, we piled a few blankie-type friends in bed with Phoebe for naps and bedtime. I thought for sure that Friendly Frog would be her favorite, but I was mistaken. I'm not sure when it actually happened, but Lambie quickly emerged as Phoebe's absolute favorite critter.

And by favorite, I mean the only way to get Phoebe to sleep.

The other night at bedtime, Phoebs had a ginormous spit-up all over Lambie. I mean, Lambie was soaked. I immediately thought to chunk her in the washing machine (the lamb, not Phoebe), but decided to wait. I temporarily held Lambie hostage to see if we could achieve sleep without her. After fifteen minutes of sad, sad restlessness in Phoebe's crib, I decided to return the soaking wet critter to her owner.

Phoebe was asleep thirty seconds later.

Phoebe takes tremendous comfort in her little Lambie. When she's falling asleep, she rubs Lambie's ears, ribbon, and face. She does this adorable nuzzle into Lambie as soon as she sees her. And when Phoebe isn't feeling well, Lambie is just the thing to calm her down.

Lambie is a tangible thing in which Phoebe takes comfort. She doesn't flirt with other toys, Lambie is it. What a valuable lesson she has to teach her Mommy!

As I was reading Psalm 121 today, I was reminded that I have a Lamb, too, in Whom I can take comfort. He is my Comforter, and my Keeper. He will watch over me and protect me, now and forever. When times are difficult, when I need a rest, He is there. He never sleeps, He's never missing... I only have to call His name.

Phoebe probably won't take Lambie to college with her, though I joke that she might... but it's my prayer that as Lambie loses her importance to Phoebe that the Lamb becomes her true comforter.


Anonymous said...

Had to comment on this one. Psalm 121 IS one of my most favs of the psalms... it is inscribed on the base of the cross outside of the chapel at the OBU campus and the thought of God never sleeping is a great comfort from His living Word.

Though I prayerfully agree that your precious one will ultimately come to know the Lamb as hers personally...I have to Kel...who if you exchanged Kelly's name with Phoebs and Lambie with Mousie...the two would be the same! Our now, Mrs. Smith has a beautiful home, a loving husband, and both have a relationship with the Perfect Lamb. However, on a recent trip by their home last weekend and while up in their Master suite, their new rich and gorgeous bed was adorned with luxurious bed linens,comforter and pillowshams and placed perfectly in front of Kel's pillow....was Mousie! and in front of Andy's pillow was pound puppy...(I don't know his given name) So, lambie may find her way into a life time of joy for your precious gal, with memories, hopes, dreams, and smiles :D, of a life so beautiful ...on a path with the Perfect Comforter.
Just a thought...have you thought of a second lambie for such an occasion as the above story?...we had a spare Mousie...for emergency use only! :D
Love your site and the pictures! They warm my heart richly! Miss you was -2 here this a.m. Burrrrrrr! Love, Ann Potter

Allie Parker said...

What a wonderful story! I greatly enjoyed reading it :)

Anonymous said...

ahhh, i love the critter! how i love the critter's i love the owner's i love the critter's owner's mommy's Master Who brings us all such perfect delight. and what a special delight to read words from two of our beloved Potter i love them and miss them all :-(...

Pops said...

What a delight it was reading about "The Lamb" and lambie today. Each time I read a moment of your day, I receive a special blessing. Thank you my dear daughter, your Pops love you so...

p.s. it also provided me an opportunity to hear from our dear friends who support the "Colts" :)

The Lawler Family: said...

Wow, what an awesome example of our need for the Lamb of God from your sweet baby. Such a sweet post!