Monday, January 14, 2008

10 Month Day

It isn't Christmas...but it IS Phoebe's 10 Month Day! We had such a typical, but such a joy-filled day today. I think the picture above captures the day perfectly: Phoebe is trying to get into something, I'm trying to smile while keeping her out of trouble, and Michael is steady as always.

Has it really been ten months, though? Really? It seems like she has, overnight, gone from baby to little girl. This past month has been filled with milestones... even this past week! I'm not going to wax poetic for too long since I am completely exhausted today, but here's what the little big girl is up to these days:
  • walking with a walker/push toy -- she can cruise from the front door to the back of the kitchen, provided there are no obstacles
  • teeth! we finally have a tooth!
  • narrating just about everything... she is not a quiet baby! her favorite time to talk is when she's playing by herself and I'm not in the room
  • eating all kinds of big girl foods like toast, baby goldfish, wagonwheels, broccoli, yogurt... she loves to try new things, and for this I am so grateful
  • opening and closing cabinets
  • speed crawling and "monkey walking" -- she's started walking with on all fours, but with no knees... very cute
  • beginning to respond to music by dancing
  • signing(?) "get me out of here", and I think she signed "milk" yesterday... but the whole sign language thing is iffy
  • sleeping well again, praise the Lord. she typically takes two good daytime naps and now seldom wakes at night... we are thrilled!
  • rarely sitting still -- she gets very impatient in laps right now because she just wants to be on the go
  • splashing and squirting toys in the bath
  • loving other babies... she loves to look at pictures of babies, see babies in the grocery store, kiss baby dolls (occasionally)... she will make a wonderful big sister some day!
  • reading, at least to herself -- her favorite book is Baby ABC because it has pictures of real babies, of course! she pulls off all the books on her shelf until she finds it. she's also a big fan of texture books (I would highly recommend Feely Bugs to my other mom friends)

Also, just today, Phoebe figured out how to crawl into her toy box, and I think it's her new favorite hobby. We'll have to try to get it on video... it's pretty cute.

For ten months, Phoebe has been our great delight... we can't wait to see what the next month will bring!

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