Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Maybe it IS Rocket Science

After two hours, we finally got it to make its first stitch.

I say "we", because after about an hour and a half of wanting to throw the bobbin out the window, I called in Michael. He fixed it in about 15 minutes.

But then I spent an hour trying to get the tension just right. I am convinced it is not possible, at least not tonight.

But hey, I have about forty-seven pretty black and white seams on hot pink fabric. Which is more than I had at 7:15 this evening.


Carolynn said...

Hey! Not only can we make baby food together...we can sew together! I'll bring my food processor and sewing machine! We'll have fois gras and a haute coture gown in no time!! Sound fun?!?

Anonymous said...

you are too cute, my little cutie pie! thanks for not blaming me for your off-the-charts expectations of yourself...HA! i love you so big...mopsy