Monday, January 28, 2008


Be careful what you pray for, or you just might get it.

No really.

On Fridays, Michael leaves the house before six (that's in the morning, friends) so I'm on my own with Phoebe all day long. Which really is a lot of fun, but come 1:00, I'm running out of steam. I'm ready for Michael to get home and give me some kind of clue of what I should do, because how many times can Phoebe really dump the bookshelf in one day? My creativity as a mom often begins to lag.

Well, Friday morning, I prayed that we would have a memorable day. That we would do something beyond our normal, mundane stuff, and that my mommy brain could be a little creative.

Turns out, it's God who's the Creative One. He has such a sense of humor sometimes.

Michael had forgotten his lunch, so I sweetly offered to bring it to him. Well, on the way, I realized I'd forgotten it too. So I called to ask if I could bring him Zaxby's instead. (He was thrilled at the prospect, by the way.) So off I go, into the drive thru, and order him his totally sinful chicken finger platter. Only to get to the window and realize that I had no money. My wallet was on the table at home.

Which posed another problem. Not only was I bringing lunch, but I was out of diapers so I absolutelypositively had to go to the grocery store.

So instead of me, delivering lunch to my sweet husband, he had to come deliver me with his check card. And he had to buy his own lunch.

Oh yeah. I also forgot my grocery list, so he had to bring me recipe printouts. (I still ended up forgetting a couple of essentials.)

So although I was very forgetful on Friday, the day was wonderful and, most of all, memorable. I am so thankful that I serve a God who answers prayers, consistently and creatively.

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Michael Thomas said...

Please please please, define "dump the bookshelf", otherwise I don't think anyone would want to visit our house!