Thursday, July 12, 2007


At a local stationery/things-you-think-
you-need-for-your-home store, they sell these shirts...actually, it's a whole line of swag with "Zombymom" emblazoned across it. (Don't believe me? Seriously.) Anyway, I always thought it was a bit ridiculous, because let's face it, motherhood when you stay at home is ten times easier than working and being a mom, right?

HA. It's 4:30 am. That's right. My baby has been sleeping through the night for a month and a half (two and a half months if you count the off-and-on stuff that she started with). I've been accustomed to a minimum of eight consecutive hours of uninterrupted sleep just about every night. I feel human! A delight to be around! And now, since Sunday, Phoebe has woken up at least once in the night. Tonight we're on round two. (Round one was at 1:45).

This would probably be easier if I'd feed her or rock her. But I know she isn't hungry, because she's been eating great during the day. And I know that she can put herself to sleep if she just gets a chance to. (This makes me sound like such a mean mommy, blogging instead of comforting.) So here I am, waiting it out. This keeps me from going in there every 30 seconds to pat her or give her a paci or...whatever.

She's not really crying, just grunting and frustrated. After four months (!) she still hasn't found her thumb (not that I want her to at this point) and gets mad when she can't really "suck" on her other fingers that taste oh-so-good during daylight hours. Anyway, we wait. And although things are quiet in there at this moment (25 minutes later), I don't want to go to bed quite yet... honestly, I'd rather lose 10 extra minutes of sleep (I'm up anyway) than sleep 10 minutes and have to wake up again.

If you're asking yourself why I don't just stay in bed to begin with... well... seriously?

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blake said...

yet another example of why we should all just live in one big house with tons of rooms and "wings"...then we'd be able to keep eachother company in times like these.

:) love you, mare ("fave")