Friday, July 20, 2007


Time is limited, with it being naptime and all, but I just couldn't stand to not blog before heading out of town! Since beginning her cereal, Phoebe has begun to nap really well... but I'm not holding my breath today, since I of course have a lot to get done!

Michael and I are heading out of town tonight. We'll spend the nightwith Mops and Pops, and then get away for a few days at a favorite local "resort". (Phoebe will stay the weekend with her grandparents.) The hotel is beautiful, the pool is to die for, and on weekends they have live music and the best cheeseburgers I've ever had. We plan to do absolutely nothing in honor of our anniversary. We're
totally amped up about it. But I'd hate to disappoint our loyal readers by not updating the picture, so here you go!

Phoebe has turned into a total camera flirt. She is hamming it up pretty much as soon as she sees the camera come out. Yesterday she bounced and bounced in her bouncy seat the entire time I tried to take pictures. It's a miracle I had a single one that wasn't blurry or out of focus! Doesn't she look angelic?

Ok, off to pack!


Mrs. Olsen said...

She really does look like an angel. Have fun at your weekend away!

j&bH said...

she's beautiful!!! can't wait to hear all about the romantic and lazy honeymoon... more than that, i can't wait to have time with my thomas family and maybe even some girl time. phoebe can come...i guess, lol.

love you!
mare (fave)