Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sleeping In

So, one of the things we looked forward to doing while we were at the Shoals was sleeping in. As in, as late as we wanted. Without an alarm clock. Without disruption. And we did! We slept like, until 8:15 every day! It was marvelous. Except our sleep was not uninterrupted during the night.

No, Phoebe didn't join us on our journey. Nor did Jake, who will occasionally awaken during the night to warn of some bird or noise outside. But at 1:25 am on Sunday morning (that's late, late Saturday night) we were awakened by "EMERGENCY. EMERGENCY. PLEASE EVACUATE." No, it wasn't a dream. We actually had to evacuate! I am, of course, flipping out. I'm ready to run out in my pajamas, shoeless, without a room key. Thankfully, Michael had his wits and got us out in one piece. [Just another of the reasons that I love you, honey!]

Well, we race down five flights of stairs along with the rest of the hotel guests, most of whom are actually wearing swimsuits. (I think those were probably the first available articles of clothing? Or maybe they thought they'd be safer from fire if they could dive into the pool easier?) Since everyone has calmly congregated in the lobby, we could only assume that our lives were not in immediate danger. After about 15 minutes of "EMERGENCY..." we were told we could go back to our rooms. The alarm had inexplicably gone off.

Now, Michael has photographic evidence of the fact that we were brutally awakened at 1:something am, but I've chosen not to include that here. Trust me, you should thank me.

The next night, we were also awakened from slumber. Our neighbors were a little more... jubilant. The tweenagers next door were squealing and giggling quite loudly, so Michael became mean-old-man and told them to pipe down or he'd go tell their parents, who were in the room on the other side of us. Well, it probably wouldn't have worked anyway, because the parents (or some other grown-ups) were wildly enjoying themselves into the wee hours and actually woke us up. We were those guys... we called the front desk.

Thank goodness we got to sleep in! And the naps weren't too shabby either.

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