Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

Ah, Sunday... the day of rest. However, when you have an infant in the house, you wake up at the same time as always. In fact, I wake up an hour earlier on Sunday so that I can get ready before having to tend to the little one. It is so wonderful to have a day designated for corporate worship...and for rest. Sometimes, though, I don't always allow myself the rest that I so desperately need. Busy, busy, busy around the house. Dishes to be washed, clothes to be folded, floors to be swept or vacuumed... those neverending chores always seem to creep into my Sundays. Well today, my sweet husband has helped me have a different kind of day.

When we came home from church, Michael took the baby and sent me to bed, where I napped for an hour and a half! (I was much better about napping when Phoebe actually slept more than she was awake.) Then, he continued to take "baby duty" and allowed me to scrapbook for an hour or so. Now she's napping, and I'm enjoying an afternoon in pj's. What a blessing it is to recharge batteries before another week.

It's really been a wonderful weekend... I made a pot of soup yesterday to freeze, and spent a great deal of time with a happy husband and baby. Although we unsuccessfully tried to change her schedule yesterday and she didn't get much napping in, she was a delight for her Nandy and Boompah as Michael and I went to a party for the Guzzos, a couple from church, and then went out for Ruby Tuesday appetizers with the Jordans. We've decided to return to our 2 1/2 hour schedule with 1 hour nap routine, and it's working swimmingly so far today.

Michael has now run out to get us a new microwave with gift card odds and ends, since ours bit the dust while trying to sterilize bottles yesterday...and since I promised to have a bathed and bedtime ready baby when he returned, I'd better hustle!

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