Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

Although this isn't the prettiest of pictures, I thought it was fabulous how I managed to capture Phoebe in her "waking up" state. First thing she does? Grab that foot. So cute!

At first, I thought that she was starting to really settle into a good nap pattern -- these past few days, she's really taken long, substantial, hard-to-wake-her-up naps. Like the book says she should. (Phoebs has always slept great at night, just not so much during the day.) And then yesterday, her glassy eyes and hot head prompted a temperature-taking. Little angel was running a fever! She's got some yucky viral thing, but it doesn't seem to bother her much other than just making her feel really run down. She's already napped 2 hours this morning... and we're praising the Lord that, at least at 9:00, her temperature was only 99.1! (Which, according to the doctor, isn't really a fever?)

Pray that our little house stays sickness free and that Phoebs gets over her yucky quickly. I'm feeling extra-tired, but I think it may just be a busy week of "recovering" from vacation.

Okay, I think the kitchen floors are finally dry! I'm off to replace rugs and get more laundry going! :) Happy Saturday!


j&bH said...

i am working at the PB from 3-8, but i will call either on a break or when i get off.
can't wait to catch up, it was nice to hear you if only for a second.
love! mare

j&bH said...

oh where, oh where has my sa-sa gone? oh where, oh where can she be??? with her baby bean and her hubby "tom"...oh where, oh where can she be???

(translation: i miss you! the time is coming for a fact, i think it's long overdue...)
love, mare (fave)