Monday, July 16, 2007

Four Month-Day

It's hard to believe that four months with our little Phoebe Kate have come and gone! I was at the beach while her four month-day arrived, so we chose to celebrate today! Although we're a couple of days late, I don't think Phoebe minded -- she still got her strawberry mini cake. (This was the first month-day she was actually interested in what we had in front of her, too, although you can't tell from the picture.) Michael even put the tiniest little taste of frosting on her lips, even though I vehemently objected.

Phoebe has a slew of new hobbies, now that she is four months old. These hobbies include: sleeping on her side, eating a lot at each meal, holding her head up nice and steady, "tigger bouncing" with Daddy, giggling, holding things with two hands, putting just about everything in her mouth, picking things up intentionally, following our voices, smiling/kicking/wiggling when she wakes up in her crib, flopping around in her pack and play, trying really hard to help mommy put in her paci, working on rolling from her tummy to her back... you name it! I think that her favorite hobby right now is growing. I doubt she's topped 13 pounds, but the sleeper she is pictured in is a six month sleeper -- and her little feet go all the way to the end! We go to the doctor tomorrow for her 4 month check up (and shots), so we'll know just how long this little peanut has gotten! I have to say, things have just gotten better and better with the Phoebs.

I have plenty more to blog about: hardwood floors (an anniversary surprise), the beach, and fun with Jake. But right now, a bite of strawberry cake and dirty bottles await! Happy Four Month Day, Phoebe Kate!
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j&bH said...

holy cow do i miss you!
hey! i'm gonna call you today so we can chat and catch up...
guess what! blake and i are headed your way thursday afternoon...technically we'll go to the harvards in sylacauga first but we were hoping on saturday...
anyway, we'll talk!

i can't believe my little bean is 4 months old! geez!
p.s. hardwood floors?!!!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Congrats! I can picture the "icing in the lips" scene! I guess that's how things are supposed to work with Mommies and Daddies. :)