Wednesday, July 18, 2007

From Milk to Solid Food

Well, we knew it was coming... but so soon! After Phoebe's four month visit to the pediatrician, it was recommended that she start solid foods! Now, I use the word "solid" very loosely -- the rice cereal that she eats is more soupy than grits -- but she can now eat it twice a day! We weren't sure how she would react, but she seemed to like it! We're not sure how much she actually ate since she wore most of it, but we were proud of her efforts. You can see more of the whole event here.

For all those who are keeping up with Phoebe's rapid growth (Mom), she weighed 12 pounds, 5.5 ounces (50%ile), 24.5 inches long (50%ile). She has exactly doubled her weight since birth!

In other news, I just returned home from a girls' beach trip to Destin. My friend Kimberly's boss has a condo (or several) that he owns down there, and he allowed eight twenty-and-thirty-somethings to invade one of them over the weekend. Yikes! It was nice to get away for the weekend, and it was my first time away from Phoebe for longer than a couple of hours. Michael had told me that he and Phoebe would work on my anniversary surprise while I was away. [Since we're going "away" for our anniversary this weekend, we agreed that our gifts had to be homemade.] I had, incorrectly, guessed that Michael would plant a garden while I was away since he wanted me to "enjoy it" before our actual anniversary. Well, I was wrong! For a long time, we've talked about how nice it would be to have hardwood floors and how badly we needed to replace our carpet... well, Michael endeavored to replace our floors! He did a BEAUTIFUL job, and I absolutely love the floors. It's so fun being married to a talented DIY-er. Unfortunately for Michael, he really is getting a homemade anniversary gift... sorry honey! I love you!


Michael Thomas said...

You can view video of the first feeding at Michael of Thomas.

Carolynn said...

Hey! Solid food, eh?!? She's getting SO big! I watch the video, too cute! I love the hardwood floors! Major props to Michael!! I hope y'all had fun at the beach. I missed y'all. We'll get together next week, definitely. We need to catch up. Talk to you soon!!

j&bH said...

very impressive...for both the bean AND mr.t! can't wait to see it in person...sooner than later, i promise!

miss you and love you.
have a great weekend away!!!
mare (aunt fave)