Friday, August 8, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

A few weeks ago, we bought tickets for the OMPC family night at the Barons game. Unfortunately, the original night was rained out and we weren't able to attend. Fortunately for us, it was rescheduled for a night that was wide open! Although it had been almost 100 degrees and all kinds of humid all day long, we were eager to spend some time with friends and enjoy 25-cent hot dogs.

This was Phoebe's first baseball game as a big girl, although she did attend one last year in her punkin seat (I think she slept through the whole thing). She loved it. Some of the highlights for Phoebs included:
  • all the people, especially Claire and Jane, who played with us for most of the game
  • clapping with the crowd, and when someone got a hit (I think she thought the crack of the bat was other people clapping?)
  • eating bites of hot dog buns
  • running -- literally -- with arms held high -- through the stands
  • staying up over an hour past her bedtime

We had such a good time with our Little; I think what we liked most was having a glimpse of her as a bigger girl. We've loved every phase with her so far... but it just keeps getting better and better!


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha...just thought about your little "funny" this morning about that guy stripping your make me smile, my darling daughter...i'm so thankful for the gift that you are! give great big embraces to my dollie, and that male stripper, as well! :0

Anonymous said...

...and by the way, love the ballgame pics! I remember taking you and your brother to the first game like was in Everett, you remember? so much fun! big, big love.

Carolynn said...

Looks like tons of fun! Hopefully we can go next time! We'll be home tomorrow!