Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Friends, were you aware that it is hot outside? I mean, really, really hot. It amazes me how, in July, I think it's hot. And then comes August, and it becomes really and truly, unimaginably hot. When I was still teaching, the whole back to school thing felt criminal in this kind of heat. Shouldn't it have at least the hint of fall in the air when school starts? Of course, if we waited on that around these parts, we might not be starting school until November.

Anyway, since I am pregnant, the heat feels even worse. Like, I couldn't even stand to take Phoebe on a walk at 9am yesterday. I broke a sweat this morning picking tomatoes for five minutes. It's hot. It's humid. It's disgusting. And then it takes me something like six hours to cool down after I've been in the heat. Yuck.

Well, we decided the other night that the best way to beat the heat was with some good old fashioned water play. Michael had worked really hard to make our yard beautiful; it was time to get out there and play in it. Phoebe had a blast splashing and running around with the hose; she even got Daddy soaking wet! (I managed to stay mostly dry until picking up our soaking wet little Critter.) Enjoy some pictures (finally!) of our fun...
Loving some hose in her face... really!

"I can have some big fun with this hose..."


"Daddy, I'm going to get you!"

By the way, my sweet friend Jenny has informed me that we are going to get some sweet relief from this awful weather soon. According to, she's right! Upper 80's never sounded so sweet!


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

You take the best photographs!

Andy and Kelly said...

i LOVE these pics!!! You should check out my sister in law's page! her girls Hated the Elmo sprinkler pad they got them!! It was hilarious! I'm glad that Pheobs is a little fishy!! :D

rhiannon said...

Look at all that hair!!