Friday, August 1, 2008

30 Week Update

First, can I just say that I cannot believe that I am at 30 weeks pregnant? This means we are in the home stretch of this pregnancy. And can I just say that I have done nothing to prepare for Nora's arrival? No crib, no double stroller, no new clothes, nothing. At this time in my pregnancy with Phoebe, I think we had just about everything all set up. This, my friends, is what a second pregnancy looks like -- total slack.

Anyway, I had my thirty week checkup yesterday. Here are the details:
  • measuring at 28.5 cm; meaning, I'm only measuring a teeny bit small for this stage in pregnancy. Phoebe also measured about a cm small at each checkup. We're praying for another six pounder!
  • Nora's heart rate was in the 130 range. It has been this at the past few checkups. So much for high heart rates for girls!
  • my hematocrit is borderline, meaning I'm not getting enough iron. Doctor D prescribed cheeseburgers and spinach. If the number isn't higher in two weeks, I have to take additional iron supplements.
  • my blood pressure was pretty low - 89/61. Doctor D was unconcerned, and I'd much rather have low blood pressure than high blood pressure. He said it sounds like I need to drink more water, but he totally didn't believe me when I told him I drink upwards of 100-120 ounces of water a day.
Those are all the doctor-type details. I should also add that my hip pain has, for the most part, subsided. I don't like to sit or stand in the same position for too terribly long, but I think that's just part of being pregnant. I'm also having several contractions a day, most of them mild to moderate. None of them are consistent. And although I've had up to four in an hour, I can still continue my current level of activity and not worry about it.

Speaking of activity, Nora has gotten a little more active. She is predictably active at around 8:30 every evening, and I can tell she's settling into some sleep-wake cycles. She also seems to dislike Mexican food, which I've deemed quite unfortunate.

Regardless, Nora's going to be here before we know it. We're already excited to meet her; I just hope we can get on the ball and stop slacking off so she doesn't catch us off guard!

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Mrs. Olsen said...

I can't believe you are 30 weeks along already either! Pregnancies sure are easier when you aren't the one pregnant! :)